Catchers Drill Work- Before or After Team Practice

Catching- Drill Work Before and After Practice:

Catching is a position that is sometimes neglected by baseball coaches in practice and yet turns out to be very important in games. When catchers are reduced to only catching bullpens and receiving throws from infield and outfielders, this creates a massive hole in the catcher’s game. 

Things you can control as a catcher:

  1. Showing up early and do your individual catching drills;
  2. Staying late and do your individual catching drills;
  3. Do not hold it against your coach about being forgotten at practice. It is not his intent, it is a common occurrence across all levels.

“Drill Of The Week” – Duck Walks

Strength and stability in your legs is obviously going to make you a stronger catcher, but flexibility is the key to performing perfect “Duck Walks”.

Important Notes To Performing The Drill:

  1. Make sure your head/eyes are not going up and down. They should be on a steady line;
  2. Stay low with your buttocks and pinch your shoulder blades for posture;
  3. Give a good target, as if you’re setting up to receive a pitch;
  4. Breathe with each step and try to connect your breathing with your movement;
  5. Distance for your “Duck Walks” should range from 10 yards to begin, and work your way up to 40 yards.

Please see the video below to help:


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