Open Gym Details and Rules

Open Gyms Start Tonight- Open Gym Rules

Our Silver Sluggers Open Gyms start tonight 12/4 at the American Center.  We have updated the schedule on Teamsnap so that everyone can see it.

Open Gym Schedule:

Mondays: 6-9pm
Fridays: 5-7pm

Open Gyms are for Silver Sluggers players only to practice at the American Center (4602 Eastpark Blvd, Madison) with family members or teammates and throw, hit, field.  Open Gyms are not an organized practice as there will be no coaches running a practice or clinic.  Players are on their own in terms of what they work on.  John Bartlett will be the Open Gym Supervisor.  If you need assistance for any reason, find John or a UW Health staff member.  Please see below for Open Gym Rules.

Open Gym Rules:

  1. Who Can Attend:  Open Gym is for Silver Sluggers players and family members only.  Please do not bring friends or other players that are not current Silver Slugger players to Open Gyms.
  2. Allowed Coaches:  Non-Silver Sluggers coaches are not allowed to train during our open gym times.  We encourage any player to work with any coach with which they feel comfortable.  However, to keep our limited space open for our players, we ask that no external coaches other than parents are allowed in open gyms.  If you would like to set up an individual lesson during this time with one of our coaches, contact for scheduling details.
  3. Available Space at TAC:  Players may only use the space inside the cage and a small area of turf space outside the cage.  Our supervisor will set up cones for a throwing lane next to the long batting cage.  All other areas are reserved for the UW Health Training staff.
  4. Restricted Areas at TAC:  Players (or family members) may not use the basketball gym or the weight room without the approval of UW Health Staff.  Please stay on the turf area and restricted throwing area.
  5. Batting Cage Etiquette:  If you are hitting or throwing in the cage, and someone is waiting, either invite them to join your hitting rotation, or limit your swings/throws to about 20 reps or 5 minutes.  You may take multiple rounds of hitting or throwing in the cage, but respect others and their time in the cage as well.
  6. Tennis/Wiffle Balls Only:  No hitting baseballs outside of a batting cage.  If hitting off of the tee outside of cage into the net, you must use tennis balls or wiffle balls.
  7. Waiting Area:  As with our practices, if you are not actively participating in Open Gym training, please wait upstairs on the track.

We may add rules as we go, but please follow these rules starting tonight at Open Gym.

Thank you,

Brad Woodall and Silver Sluggers Staff