Available Testimonials:

“We made the decision to leave another travel baseball program for the Silver Sluggers. It was a difficult decision to leave a well established program for one just starting. What helped us make the decision was the professionalism of Brad Woodall and his staff.  Brad is a class act who sets a example for his players and coaches to follow.  Character matters and the example set by Brad and his organization is one we wanted our son to emulate.  The Silver Sluggers put together a staff of experienced instructors who work hard to develop the players at a top notch facility.  But they don’t stop there. They dig deeper into the other aspects of the game such as nutrition, conditioning and the mental side of baseball.  Players are judged and placed into positions based on their skill sets and not because of politics or parent interventions.  Our son learned and developed substantially this summer. What better way for your son to learn the game then to learn from a former MLB player. We had a awesome summer playing for the Silver Sluggers.”
M. Hunt (Aug. 2016)

“This is one of the characteristics that allows Silver Sluggers to excel far above and beyond all other organizations in the region.  Players are coached in a way that allows them to play at and even above their potential, through a relaxed and professional style that encourages hustle and 100% effort while still allowing the kids to have fun and play comfortably.  As a former coach, I firmly believe that players excel when allowed to be comfortable playing their game.  I also know that the players do not do well when they are constantly in fear of failure or worse yet being berated for lack of execution.  Silver Sluggers coaching philosophy understands well that baseball is a game of great challenge in which results of hard work pay off, but not necessarily every at bat, or every fielding chance, or every pitch.  As an organization they understand that mistakes will happen, and they teach the player how to learn from these mistakes towards future growth.  Player confidence grows in this environment, which is evidenced by the pitching staff of the 17u Blue team this summer.”
S. Hill (Aug. 2016)

“As a parent who has had experience both coaching and running club teams and experience with his son playing for other local organizations The Silver Sluggers are simply second to none.  Coach Woodall has put together an amazing, very professional coaching staff that he should be and can be very proud of.  The most important element in my mind is the energy, desire and true want that the coaches show at every practice and every tournament towards the kids and their success.
Truly was a fantastic experience and would recommend The Silver Sluggers program to anyone interested in having their child play baseball, with the hopes their ball player will have an opportunity to grow and learn and become better at not only baseball but as a person and teammate.”
B. Ricker (Aug. 2016)

“1. The strength of the program is the depth of the coaching.
2. Along with that the knowledge & expertise in numerous areas of the games.
3. For us in Lodi, location was a positive
4. Sluggers doesn’t use parents as the head coach, which is a huge plus for the program.
5. Not having to travel too much/too far was a positive.  The one overnighter worked out well for the 13U age.
6. Some of the greatest value is the individualized coaching.
7.  Philosophy of player growth is the best model, which Slugger’s 13U coaches had.”
B. Richter (Aug. 2016)

“Seth and Family had a great baseball season with the 12u SS team. We learned to find satisfaction in different ways besides winning and losing. Player and team development were outstanding. Being an assistant coach I think I learned more about baseball this past year than I ever knew and none of it had to do with catching, throwing, or hitting a baseball. Well done!!”
J. Tobie (Aug. 2016)