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Our 360° Philosophy entails training the complete athlete, not just parts. The Performance Training programs are designed to bridge the gap from the training room to the baseball field through functional training. Players train for balance, agility, core stability, power, and speed, and learn to apply these skills to baseball movements. The innovative programs are unique to the Woodall Baseball Academy, and combine the latest in athletic performance training.
Baseball requires a unique blend of rotational strength, stability, lateral quickness and speed. Baseball movements require more than just jumping and running, or pure linear power. Our Baseball Strength and Speed Program is designed for the baseball athlete, focusing on rotational power and stability as well as other unique demands that baseball requires of our body.
Our players learn posture and core stability with specific baseball positions, and then integrate more complex movement patterns focused on creating a stronger and more explosive baseball player. Using various modalities and tools like the TRX Suspension and Rip Trainer, players learn to stabilize through movement leading to better mechanics, power transfer, and speed through the hitting and throwing movements.

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Sluggers summer speed Program
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The Woodall Baseball Academy and Silver Sluggers Baseball is proud to announce our first ever baseball speed training program, offered by the UW Health American Center. *This training class is developed strictly for baseball players and specifically for Silver Sluggers.* 
Sluggers Summer Speed Training 
5-Weeks:  Wednesdays June 21-July 19
$75 for the entire summer program
Session 1:  10:30-11:30am (before 11:30 practices)
Session II:  11:30-12:30 (after 9:30 practices)
Register Here
 Location:  Ripp Park, Waunakee 
Everyone registered will receive an invoice by the first week of June. 
Payments by check are made to: 
Silver Sluggers
PO Box 628063
Middleton, WI 53562