Weekday Strength and Speed Training at American Center

Weekday Strength/Speed Training with UW Health Sports Performance

Consistent training for strength and speed is a necessity for any player to obtain a high level of success in baseball.  Athletic Performance training for the youth athlete increases functional strength, running speed, agility, and minimizes risk of injury. Baseball is a very difficult game to play, but increased strength, speed and agility makes competing in this game much easier.  We highly recommend our players participate in some level of strength and speed training throughout the year.

Silver Sluggers is excited to announce that UW Health Sports Performance is offering weekday strength/speed training options for our players this Winter (December 2017 -March 2018) at a greatly reduced rate (over 50% off from standard pricing) and multiple weekday options.  This rate is a combination of discount through UW Health and subsidized by Silver Sluggers to reduce the fee even more for our players.

At this time, we have a limit of 5 players per age group (see  age groups below).  The first 5 players in each age group to register are guaranteed a spot in these training sessions.

$275 per player for ages 12-14 ($68.75/mo)
$325 per player for ages 13-18 ($81.25/mo)

Weekly options are for 2X per week of training (34 total sessions), which is less than $7 per hour of training. Training sessions are typically small groups of 10 or less athletes, where trainers spend extensive time with each athlete on form and correct movement patterns during the training session.

Training Day/Time Options
Ages 12-14:  Tuesday & Thursday-  4:30pm-5:45pm
Ages 15-18: Mon/Wed/Fri-  4:30pm-6:00 pm

Ages 12-14
–Mon/Wed 5:30pm-6:45pm
–Tues/Thur- 4:30pm-5:45pm

Ages 15-18:
–Mon/Wed-  4:30pm-6:00 pm
–Tues/Thur- 7pm-8:30pm

To Register

  1. Register with UW Sports Performance for the best 2x per week option for your schedule (be sure to register for the Dec 2017 and Jan-May 2018 options provided)
    1. Developmental Speed Strength (ages 11-14)
    2. Performance Speed Strength (ages 15-18)
    3. Discount Code:  Upon registration, use discount code Sluggers18
      1. This code is a 100% discount so you will not pay through UW Health
  2. Payment: Payment to Silver Sluggers
    1. Go to the following link:  Speed/Strength Payment Link
    2. Choose the appropriate age group for correct payment amount

Please contact Brad with any questions.  brad@woodallbaseball.com

Thank you,

Brad Woodall and the Silver Sluggers Staff